What is IO?

Integrated Operations is a relatively recent term that is utilised within the Mining, Oil & Gas, and bulk transportation sectors. Even within these industries, the term is used liberally and does not currently have a widely accepted definition.

At Global IO we define Integrated Operations (IO) as:

Achieving dynamic, enterprise-wide optimisation of value chains by creating the right culture, displaying the right behaviours, and empowering people by providing the right context and awareness.

Achieving a high performing IO program requires four fundamental building blocks:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Right People
  • Business Processes
  • Technology

When successfully implemented, these building blocks will provide companies with the Right Culture and Behaviours and the Right Context and Awareness to achieve enterprise-wide optimisation, thereby setting up companies to realise the significant benefits of Integrated Operations.

IO Framework HighRes

We also firmly believe that IO is not just about an Operations Centre or Centralised Control Room – it is the changes in the way people work and make decisions that provide the true opportunities to unlock value.  The decision to establish a centre must be driven by measureable benefits achievable from co-location.

In traditional working environments this may just be seen as breaking down silos across internal departments, however IO is so much more.  A well-implemented IO program can transform the way that your business runs. It does however take significant effort and leadership from all levels of the organisation to achieve the potential of IO.

There is a lot of terminology and acronyms used to describe IO, however you will see from the list below that they are very focussed on an environment or centre as the cornerstone.  As mentioned above, this may be one of the ‘tools’ to achieve value from IO, but having a centre will not drive many of the benefits sought by industry leaders.  Some terms used in industry are:

  • OC – Operations Centre
  • ROC – Remote Operations Centre
  • IOC – Integrated Operations Centre
  • IROC – Integrated Remote Operations Centre
  • IPOC – Integrated Planning and Operations Centre
  • ACE – Advanced Collaborative Environments


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